Shuttle Service El Dorado Hills Ca

      Shuttle Service El Dorado Hills Ca

At Bk Best Shuttle Service El Dorado Hills, you can book online. We serve the entire Sacramento Area nonstop shuttles service. Bk Best Shuttle is a private shuttle. That means it will only pick up you & your family. We give direct rides to Sacramento Airport, to your home or your home to Sacramento Airport. So what are you waiting for? Book online today. We can take you anywhere cheaper than a taxi.

We can pick up you from your door and take you back home. Bk Best Shuttle is fast, friendly, cost-effective, and most importantly reliable service. Bk Best Shuttle believes in the principles of strong relationships, reliability, and service to our clients.

   With Bk Best Shuttle, just sit back and relax while our well-trained driver drives you to your destination in a safe and timely manner.

Bk Best Shuttle lets you make reservations in two ways. You can either call or book online.
You can be picked up at your home, office or hotel. Direct rides to Sacramento Airport. You can’t share your ride with anybody. Only you & your family will enjoy your ride. Drivers will show up 10 minutes early. There are no reservation fees, luggage charges. We will drop you outside your airline terminal. We will even help with your luggage

You can pay using Visa, Master Card, and American Express. Bk Best Shuttle gives services to individuals, groups, and businesses. We are always on time. Our goal is to make our customers 100% satisfied. We have great professional dispatchers and great drivers to help you out.

Bk Best Shuttle suggests that you make all online reservations at least 12 hours in advance. We also provide service in San Francisco Airport, Oakland Airport, San Jose airport, and Stockton Airport.


Economy Car Non Stop Direct Airport
Economy Cars have a limited space. There is a limit on luggage and passengers. You can have about 3 passengers per car. Luggage is limited to about 4 suitcases and 2 handbags. The amount of luggage depends on size.
Mini vans is a good sized vehicle. They fit about 5 passengers. There trunk is big and can fit about 10 suitcases and 5 handbags. The amount of luggage depends on size.
Lincoln Mkt Town car Luxury Sedan 
Luxury sedan car is great after long flights. There is a lot of leg room and has leather seats. You can ride comfortability to the airport/back home. They can fit 4 passengers and 6 suitcases and 3 handbags. The amount of luggage depends on size.
Chevrolet Suburban Luxury SUV 
This SUV is very spacious. Leather seats, black and black, and lots of leg room. After a long flight, this is the car for you. You can fit up to 7 passengers in this car. You can fit about 10-15 pieces of luggage. The amount of luggage depends on size.
Taxi Cab
The Taxi Cab is a good sized vehicle. It fits up to 5 passengers. It can also fit about 1o suitcases and 5 handbags. The amount of luggage depends on size.
Car Seat Information

 For law information, go to the www.dmv.ca.gov. and www.chp.ca.gov/.

Car seat rear-facing
Rear Facing Car Seat
 We do not provide these types of carseats so please bring your own.
Car seat forward-facing We provide forward facing car seats.


Car seat booster We provide booster sears.

How to reach Sacramento Airport

Sacramento Airport is a very easy airport. They have clear signs that show you were to go. Just follow the signs to pick up your luggage. There will be a sign saying shuttle, taxi, and limousine. Follow it and call your dispatcher. Then look for your cars.